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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Kinetic IT Solutions

Kinetic IT Solutions is an IT solutions provider based in Kanab, Utah. It was formed and is managed by myself, Craig Baird. At this point in time, I am the sole owner and employee of the company. If you want to know more, see the About page.

Do You Provide Residential Services?

Although Kinetic’s services are primarily intended for businesses, I also provide service to residential customers. It’s worth mentioning, however, that I do have priority agreements with some businesses. These agreements give them priority in case of emergencies. While such occurrences should be rare, I may occasionally have to reschedule appointments for residences or businesses that do not have priority agreements so I can attend to these emergencies.

Do You Sell Computers Or Other Equipment?

No. And yes… Sort of. I can provide needed equipment to my clients, but I do not sell it to them. The client has the option of either purchasing the equipment themselves, or I can purchase it for them, in which case, I bill the client for a reimbursement. I do not mark up pricing on equipment, which is why I say I don’t sell it. Let me explain: I prefer to operate under the pretense that I am your hired IT guy. Large companies hire entire departments of IT personnel to maintain and manage their systems. When you hire me, either as part of a priority service plan, or just for a single service call, I become your IT guy for the time you schedule me. If an IT employee for a large company were to try to mark up every piece of equipment he bought on behalf of his employer, he wouldn’t have a job for very long. I see this in the same way. You hire me and pay me for my time to do what’s in your best interest. Therefore, I cannot mark up equipment I procure for you because it violates that principal. So in summary. I can get equipment for you. If I do, you simply reimburse what it cost me. Nothing more, nothing less.

Do You Have A Storefront Where I Can Drop Off My Computer For Repair?

At present, I do not maintain a storefront. Virtually all of the business I conduct is in the form of service calls, which occur at the homes or businesses of my clients. Therefore Kinetic really does not require a storefront. If you’re having trouble with your computer (or another device), I will come to your home or place of business to look at it. This is often a better option than bringing it to me anyway, since this allows me to look at the device in the environment where it’s having trouble. Sometimes problems are not as much the fault of the device as the environment they are in.

Be advised that in some circumstances—most often in the case of operating system problems, or virus/malware removal—I may decide it would make the most sense to take the computer with me to repair on my workbench. The reason for this is that these sorts of repairs often require a lot of time waiting for the computer to perform tasks. For example, virus/malware scanning can sometimes take hours to complete if there are a lot of files or if the computer is very slow. However, almost all of that time is wait time, where I’m doing nothing but waiting on the computer to finish what it’s doing. On my workbench, I can work on multiple computers simultaneously. While I’m waiting on one to finish something, I can work on another one. This minimizes the time required to complete the fix for all the machines on the bench, and saves you lots of money because I don’t have to charge you for time while I’m just sitting there waiting on the computer.

How Do You Bill For Your Services?

I bill clients an hourly rate based on the time it takes to complete the work required. When I started Kinetic I pondered on what would be the best method for billing clients. Most companies in this market niche have moved to billing clients standardized monthly rates based on either the number of employees a client has ($X per employee per month), or the number of devices a client has ($X per computer per month + $X per printer per month + $X per network switch per month etc.). Under these models, you wind up paying the monthly charge even if the IT company does absolutely nothing for you in a given month. While this model probably works well for larger cities and larger businesses, I’m not convinced it’s a good fit for our small-town market. Therefore, I have chosen not to move in this direction.

So, I keep it simple, and just bill for my time. Now in the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that Kinetic does have some priority service plans, geared toward businesses, that do include a monthly recurring charge. However, these recurring charges are always accompanied by the equivalent amount of service. In other words, if a business is on a priority service plan where they pay $100 per month, there will not be a month that goes by where I don’t provide $100 worth of IT services, either on site, or remotely. I also provide to that business an accounting of all work performed. 

In short, You only pay me if I do something for you.

What Kinds of Services Do You Provide?

Kinetic is a full-service IT support company. As such, if you have an information technology need, it is my responsibility to find a way to meet that need. In most cases, I will fulfill that need myself, but in some instances I may employ third parties to do so. 

Do You Provide Services Outside Kanab?

At this point in time, Kinetic provides services in the area immediately surrounding Kanab. That means Kanab itself, the Johnson Canyon Area, and Fredonia, AZ. Appointments in Johnson Canyon and Fredonia are limited to specific time windows in order to minimize excessive travel. At the present time, I do not generally provide services outside these areas.

Do You Repair Mobile Devices?

I can work on software issues with mobile devices. For example, setting up email on your phone, or migrating from an old phone to a new one. However, I do not do physical repairs to mobile devices such as screen replacements, new batteries, charge port repairs, etc. If you have a mobile device (phone, iPod, or tablet) that requires fixing, I recommend taking it to iRepair in Kanab for service. Having said that, as a full-service IT company, it is my job to provide for my clients IT needs if they so desire. Therefore, if you have a broken mobile device and for some reason don’t want to take it in for repair yourself, I am perfectly willing to come get it and have it fixed for you (probably by iRepair). Your cost would be the cost of the repair, as billed by iRepair (or another repair company if you request it), plus compensation for my time to facilitate getting it done. 

What If I Don't Want You To Come To My House/Business? I Just Want To Drop Off My Device!

Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that make a service call to your home particularly difficult or impossible. In these cases, give me a call, and let’s talk about it. Depending on the circumstances, I may be able to meet you somewhere to pick up your device. Please do not bring your device to my home!

Do You Provide 24/7 Support Services?

As was mentioned in a previous answer, at the present time, I am the owner and only employee of the company. As such, providing 24/7 support is not feasible. I am available for limited after-hours support to clients with whom Kinetic has priority service plans. These clients are provided with an after-hours contact phone number. However, even so, there will inevitably be times where I will be out of town or not immediately available for one reason or another. One person simply cannot provide a 24/7 support experience, while maintaining a full-time daily work schedule, without negative repercussions on health and well-being. I know this from past personal experience, and I hope my clients will understand. My hope is that, in time, Kinetic might have the resources to be able to hire additional employees, in which case 24/7 support would likely become a reality.

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