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Comprehensive Local IT Services for the Kanab Area

If you rely on computers, mobile devices, networks or Internet, let Kinetic take the worry and distraction out of information technologies so you can focus on what’s important.


Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

Are you looking for IT systems help in the Kanab area? Whether you’re dealing with Netflix buffering or a full-fledged server meltdown, Kinetic is here for you, with the skills and experience needed to resolve your IT issues and keep your systems running smoothly. 

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Business Or Residential, Kinetic Can Help

Residential Services

Although Kinetic’s services are generally geared toward businesses, it goes without saying that residential customers frequently need assistance as well. Kinetic can perform any and all IT-related functions for residential clients such as:

  • Virus/malware removal & PC Tune-ups
  • Computer repairs & maintenance
  • Networking (Wired or WiFi)
  • Internet & Email trouble
  • Backups & Security
  • Internet Filtering & Parental Controls
Residential IT
Business IT

Business Services

Most businesses rely heavily on their IT systems in order to function at peak efficiency. And some businesses rely on their IT systems in order to function… period. Businesses usually have a lot more riding on their IT systems than residential users do. Therefore businesses often require a level of IT support that goes far beyond that of residential. Kinetic specializes in business IT solutions, and employs a wholistic approach to IT management to keep your business operations as safe, secure, and trouble-free as possible.

Repairs & Maintenance

Everyone knows that sometimes things just break. But when it’s your IT infrastructure, it costs you time and money. Kinetic can help by providing regular maintenance and needed repairs to keep your business running smoothly.


Our modern world is reliant on networks. Kinetic makes sure your network performance is fast and reliable. Whether it’s your home or business network, WiFi, or Internet, Kinetic can ensure it meets your needs.


Sometimes you know where you want to go, but just aren’t sure how to get there. If you feel this way with your IT infrastructure and services, Kinetic can provide you with solutions, and a roadmap to achieve your goals.


It’s a scary world out there. The bad guys are looking to take advantage of chinks in your IT armor. Security breaches can create immense headaches, and even ruin your business. Viruses and malware can impact your productivity at best, and destroy your data at worst. Kinetic helps you keep all of them at bay.


Without regular monitoring and maintenance, IT systems will invariably degrade over time. This results in eventual system failures that will disrupt your business. Kinetic can regularly monitor your systems either remotely or in person to ensure that small problems are addressed before they become big problems.

Disaster Planning & Recovery

If disaster strikes, whether it be by fire, natural disaster, hackers, or critical equipment failure, Kinetic is here to help you recover. But beyond that, Kinetic can assist you in developing plans and procedures that can help avoid the disaster in the first place, or at least minimize its impact.


Three Areas Of Focus… One Clear Objective

At Kinetic, our objective is to keep your IT systems working optimally so they can be an asset to you rather than a liability. For that to happen, we prefer to concentrate on three basic areas of focus.

Build & Enhance

Technology, by definition, is ever changing, and can quickly leave you behind if you let it. It is of paramount importance to stay on top of technological advances in systems and software in order to keep your IT systems safe and secure, and to be able to leverage new features that can dramatically improve your productivity and efficiency.

Maintain & Monitor

Much like a car, IT systems need routine maintenance. This ensures proper function and longevity. While today’s electronics are very durable, not maintaining them can lead to failures or instability. Proactively monitoring systems can help to catch problems before this happens, keeping your data safe and keeping you productive.

Support & Train

No matter how smoothly your IT systems run, problems will invariably arise. Sometimes they are caused by equipment or software. Sometimes they are caused by people. In either case, they disrupt your operation. Support and training are the keys to remediating these problems and avoiding the dangerous pitfalls that can result.

Managing Your IT Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Small business owners and employees wear many hats⏤often too many. This frequently results in IT systems being neglected and unmaintained… until something breaks. At that point, the problem impacts productivity, and possibly your bottom line. You have better things to do with your time than maintaining your IT systems. Kinetic can help! Contact us for a free, no-obligation, no-pressure 1-hour business IT consultation. We’ll examine your systems and procedures and give you prioritized recommendations on what can be done to increase their efficiency and reliability.

Kinetic Is Here To Help!

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